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It was the start of the 2001 rugby season when a few Kowloon players were sitting enjoying a post training beer at the Indian Recreation Club, So Kon Po, when the idea of “Rugbyfest” first popped up. The players were discussing the various existing tournament held around the time of the Hong Kong sevens and the lack of playing opportunities for not only local clubs but the “boots in the bag” travelling rugby fan.

A meeting was held with the Hong Kong Rugby Union to float the idea and “Rugbyfest “ was born! A tournament to embody the true spirit and camaraderie of the beautiful game, ensuring enjoyment for all without taking things too seriously!

Rugbyfest has since its inception in 2001 and first competition in March 2002 not only grown in size but is now an integral part of Hong Kong’s week of rugby madness. Rugbyfest has been visited by teams from all over the world and from every continent! Since 2014, Rugbyfest also includes a Women's pool. 

As Rugbyfest expanded so has the requirement for more pitches resulting in a move from So Kon Po to King’s Park! The tournament now attracts numerous sponsors and provides a fantastic day and evening at the post Rugbyfest dinner! The dinner itself has grown now attracting over 600 guests and hosted a glittering collection of Rugby legends. 

So all come and enjoy Rugby as it should be at the Kowloon Rugbyfest 

“Probably the best social rugby tournament in the world” 

RugbyFest has attracted teams from the following places……. 

England, Wales, USA, Hong Kong, Macau, Australia, Rwanda, South Africa, New Zealand, Mongolia, Malaysia, Guam, France, Singapore, Hungary, UAE, Japan, Laos, Borneo, Russia, China, Philippines, Brunei, British Virgin Islands, Finland, Canada, Indonesia, Thailand and even Yorkshire

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